Go Forage and Prosper


  The time has come for me to take matters into my own hands--

the way Nature intends and invites us to do. She drops bombs left and right at our feet. Look around you. There is good medicine EVERYWHERE.

 I am making products that I WISH existed.
After many years of loving a lotion but not the plastic bottle that it comes in or wanting more out of what I can find at local stores, I have begun the process of cooking up some pretty good stuff for you guys. Yesterday, I hand-collected important ingredients that will be featured in products coming to you soon!

My market:

My assistant:

Score! This is exactly what we were looking for: 


 We found some cool stuff along the way.

white-tailed deer skull

fiddleheads covered in lanugo-like fuzz. sweet forest babies

 And left with a bountiful harvest.

...to be continued

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