Doulananada Shout-out

     Check out the article I wrote for Jacksonville's Doulananda Birth Services blog.  In it, I discuss how Maternity Reflexology is an effective tool in easing all aspects of carrying, birthing, and recovering.
Click HERE for the article
Doulananada is an extremely helpful company that provides doula services, birthing and breastfeeding classes, as well as hypnobirthing courses. If you or someone you know in the Jacksonville area is planning a pregnancy or expecting, check them out for some beneficial information.

Snap out of It


 Wanna know a trick I figured out so that I don't go nuts sitting in front of my computer?

2) Check out the world statistics -- ever-changing, 
they are mind-blowing
3) Click on "Meditations" at the top of the page and scroll down to "mindful reminders"
4) Customize the reminders to be simple chimes
verbal, or written cues.
5) Wake up and snap out of your technological trance when the peaceful reminders come up. You can set the timer to get them hourly or more frequently.