Free Lindsay? How Bout Free My Kombucha!

Last week, I headed over to Native Sun to pick up some necessaries--which included some bottles of Kombucha.  
That's when, to my horror, I saw all the shelves empty 
and this lengthy note:

How could they take away Kombucha?! My imagination began running wild. Just the other day, a friend had shared a theory that the government was trying to keep Americans unhealthy so that we would be more easily controlled.  Taking away this healing tonic is one more example, I was quick to think.
Then, I heard this:
Lindsay Lohan is the reason. 
Lohan,  Kombucha in hand

That's right. Lindsay Lohan.
Click HERE to read a CNBC article about this mess. Turns out Lindsay was wearing a SCRAM bracelet to monitor her alcohol consumption. Lindsay enjoys her Kombucha, just like me, and she claims the alcohol content in the naturally fermented tea is what set off her SCRAM alarm.
 Lohan with Her SCRAM. Classy.

Unpasteurized Kombucha has been temporarily taken off the market to test the alcohol levels .
GT Dave, founder of the company that produces Lohan's Kombucha said that at the time of shipping, the product is compliant with < 0.5 alcohol content. However, these levels could increase while the product is being stored or shipped. 
In the meantime, I'll be making my own--why don't you try? We can have a kombucha exchange. 
These hipster dudes can show us how:

I'll keep you posted about how that turns out.

Interested in learning more about Kombucha? Click HERE.

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  1. I feel your pain, Marjorie! I bought up all the flavors that I like from Delicomb when this first happened. But I went to Native Sun a couple weeks ago and was surprised to see it was still on the shelf. I guess the man has gotten to the manufacturers though.... A friend told me this all happened because of Lindsey Lohan and I didn't believe her. Figures.
    I've been wanting to make my own anyhow-- perhaps this is the time to start! Let me know how it goes!