First Time Visit

Before coming in for bodywork:

1. Please refrain from wearing any perfume or cologne.  This includes strong  deodorant. I am very sensitive to certain smells, as might be the clients who will be on the table after you. Some scents are difficult to wash off and unfortunately, this means that I will be taking them home with me. 
2. Remember to drink plenty of water, beginning a couple days before your appointment (1/2 your body weight in oz. each day). Hydrated tissue is easier to maneuver and generally healthier. You will recover faster after the session.

3. Start thinking about information that might be relevant to your body's history, i.e. previous injuries, broken bones, illnesses, repetitive motions at work, digestive issues ...

4. Open your mind to the ability for your body to heal itself! Ask yourself: Are you ready to be at ease in your body? Tell yourself: I am healing more and more every day.

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