PET-rissage! Animals Know What's Up

I still have the pleasure of working with Campy, whose mom, Marni
is a dear friend, awesome triathlete, and author of an amazing blog

Before I had my current office, back when my practice was strictly house-calls, I had the pleasure of working alongside many of my clients' pets. Some would sleep under or beside the massage table (usually the dogs would do this) and some would jump onto the table, hungry for attention or to get a closer look at what I was doing (typically a feline move).  Once, a big orange cat named Leroy got on the table and proceeded to petrissage (I'm not making this up, it's a legitimate massage stroke) his owner's glutes. He was helping me! It was awesome and made me wish I always had a furry little assistant. This video reminds me of that day and is so damn cute. These cats definitely know what's good for them. 

Learn from the natural world!--
get your knead on.