For the Love of the Mother Grain: A Quinoa Tutorial

Here I am cooking up some Quinoa. This grain was so important to the Inca's civilization in Peru, that they called it the "Mother Grain". A complete protein source, quinoa contains all essential amino acids...and is delicious to boot. To learn more about it, click here
To learn how to cook it: watch my video.

We all got the Fuzz

Gil Hedley is one of my own personal Heroes. I had the opportunity to learn about him via a fellow therapist, Tjasa Torres (located in Gainesville, FL) and immediately knew that he was someone who knew what he was talking about. The video was an integrative approach to cadaver dissection. It was beautiful and breathtaking and non-clinical. By clinical, I mean dry and boring. His was the opposite. A genius aspect to his video were interspersed shots of rivers and waterfalls, meant, I assume, to keep the dissection from becoming too intense.

This video is something that EVERYONE should watch. Its importance is pretty self-explanatory. Let me know your thoughts, too! Sharing is how we learn, people. And one thing is true, we all have a body and we all got the fuzz.

To Learn more about Gil, visit his website

You Are On Your Way!

Welcome to my new blog, dedicated solely to wellness and bodywork. I hope that you find these posts helpful in your pursuit towards health. I will be continually adding ideas and tips that I find helpful. I will also be posting any massage specials that I am running, as well as answering any questions related to bodywork and/or my practice that you might have. Your comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!