Best Massage                                                                        

Kelly M. says: Marjorie gives, by far, the best massage ever! It is no surprise that her clients are so loyal. She can find the knots and kinks where you didn't even know they existed! Highly, highly recommended!

Much needed therapy                                                                9/18/2011

Renee L. says: I've been using Marjorie this year for therapy during training for first ever half iron man distances! She nails the spots that are sore, and works them out which helps me physically and mentally. I know my body is ready for more after always targeting my trouble areas, using resources at home to continue helping them feel good, and mostly my body feeling awesome when I leave! Thanks for keeping me strong!

Excellent!                                                                                    9/16/2011

Christy F. says: My massage with Marjorie was great! I'm training for a marathon and needed some help to work out some tight spots with my legs. Before the massage, Marjorie evaluated my feet and legs and showed me how some of the differences between my legs/knees that can affect my muscles. She also showed me some stretches with a rope that have been helpful to do after my runs. I highly recommend Marjorie.

Lynn A. says: I've had several reflexology appointments with Marjorie and the experience is always the same - Great! Her approach is very caring, she is extremely knowledgeable and the atmosphere is relaxing. Having someone listen to you and discuss your concerns with a "whole-istic" approach is comforting and much appreciated.

Finally got a complete night sleep!                                           5/18/2011

Bruce c. says: My shoulder and arm felt the best it has in along time! Did not wake up once during the night due to pain!

My first massage                                                                            5/11/2011

Nick F. says: This was my first massage and it was perfect! I was pretty sore after running a marathon 2 days before and Marjorie totally eased the pain. She made me feel very comfortable. She is super knowledgeable so I let her work and the result was better than I had hoped for. Marjorie will customize a massage to exactly what you need.

A Great Experience                                                                       3/21/2011

Nick B. says: I highly recommend Marjorie for sports recovery; knowledgeable, professional, easy-going and great at what she does.

Incredible.                                                                                        2/8/2011

Doris S. says: Truly an amazing experience. The massage itself was quite possibly the best I've ever received, but it was the entire experience that left me feeling inspired. Never have I had someone be so attentive and keen on learning ME. This was not a simply a therapeutic massage, this was the doctor I never had. She gave me ideas for helping my migraines that i've suffered from for more than a decade that I'd never heard. I left with more knowledge and wherewithal to better live my (healthy) life and a quench to learn more. I rarely write recommendations, but she is well worth recommendation. I'd give 10 stars if i could. thanks marjorie!

Amazing!                                                                                         1/31/2011

Debbie S saysI have been to a lot of spas and therapists. Marjorie is hands down the best! She is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I loved her so much that I had my mom and sister make an appointment. We all agreed that it was the best massage ever. FIVE STAR!
Pain Relief Alas!
Hetal G saysMarjorie's combination of reflexology and massage techniques helped me work away nagging back pain that just wouldn't go away. It's amazing how quickly you see the results!

Road Kill to Ironman!
Joe A saysI was training for an Ironman 140 mile triathlon when I was struck by a speeding SUV 2 weeks before the race. Although nothing was broken, I was badly bruised, barely walking and absolutely no part of me thought I was going to be back on my bike soon - much less be able to complete an endurance race. A friend/coach recommended that I visit Marjorie to help accelerate the healing process. Upon my first visit, I was impressed at how she not only worked on the troubled areas but “listened” with her hands to how my body reacted to different pressure. After my second visit, I was starting to realize that I might have to find another excuse not to race. After two sessions, the bruising subsided and I ended up completing Ironman Louisville just two weeks after being struck by the SUV. I am 100% positive that this would not have been possible without Marjorie!

I was able to let my body unwind!
Christiane R saysGreat first Reflexology session! Marjorie was very insightful and helpful, good technique and professional!
Jason B saysMarjorie is truly a Master of her craft. I have been getting messages for about 10 years and never have I come across an individual who is so informative. Marjorie always takes her time to understand why I am visiting and offers different ideas on how I can maintain my body in between visit. When I first met Marjorie about 2 years ago I thought she was to good to be true. Maybe she was just doing such a good job because it was my first visit. But lucky for me Marjorie is very consistent... her professionalism wasn’t a fluke. I am so Thankful that our paths crossed. There is not a doubt in my mind that Marjorie is the “Best” in the Bizz.
THE Prenatal Massage!
Meghan W saysI am 6 months pregnant and was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to get the full benefits of a massage because I would have to lay on my side. Not only was this best massage I have ever had, but my body feels a world of difference days after. She targeted my problem areas and demonstrated extensive knowledge on the physical changes and stresses the body undergoes throughout pregnancy. She is very interested in treating the patient, not just pampering. If she doesn't have the answer to something, she will research it. Marjorie recommended I try some Coconut Water for my leg cramps and asked that I follow up with her and let her know if it helps. I can definitely say that she tailored this massage specifically for me and my needs. I can't wait to go back, but probably won't need to for a while. I feel great!

Louis W saysI see Marjorie on a regular basis. She is always interested in what is happening with my body before, during and after treatments. She is very knowledgeable in many aspects of body work; I trust her to decide what approach is best for me at the time.I always feel great leaving and look forward to returning! Online booking is great and her hours are convenient.
Summer L saysMarjorie is wonderful!! She is so knowledgeable about the body, and she truly listens to you and helps you find a solution for the cause of any pain or discomfort. I came to her with a running injury, and not only has she helped get me back on track, but she has taught me so much about how the body works and how to take better care of it. She has such a calm and nurturing spirit, and a massage with her is much more that therapy for the body, it's therapy for the soul!!! I am so glad I found her! :)
Super knowledgeable & professional!
Chrissy W saysMarjorie is absolutely fantastic.. her suggestions for things to do at home are great, and much appreciated, b/c her goal is to help you actually get better, as opposed to becoming dependent on her! She's a great listener, and does exactly what is needed, instead of just doing a routine. She's a "must" if you work out & have pains!

Excellent Experience
Christopher D saysThe entire experience starting with the ease of booking online and paying ahead of time using PayPal was terrific. Marjorie is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. She explained to me many aspects of therapeutic massage and reflexology that helped me to understand why she was doing certain things. She was also very helpful in suggesting steps I can take to keep my body feeling better. Highly recommend.