Touch As Vital As Milk

Touch is food. 

Without it, we fail to thrive, fall ill and/or go insane. Eventually, we die.

To babies, touch is everything. As new beings in the open world, their bodies are thirsty for tactile sensation. And when that sensation (touch) provides warmth, safety, and love, it sets the stage for a healthy life. As limited locomotorers, babies who get moved and held and cuddled receive extra input that guides them to better self awareness.

I loved the time that I spent with Jax Beach Breastfeeding Support (nee Galaxy Jax), recently. It has now been over a year since I stepped down from my role as group organizer, and I am overjoyed that it has quadrupled in size and is able to provide support to so many deserving women. Circled up with the moms, I was able to share some thoughts on the importance of touch and a few ways to connect with their nurslings. Thanks again for the opportunity to share my time and passion with you, Milkin' Honeys!

For more information about Jax Beach Breastfeeding Support click HERE