We Are Healed

The Common Cold Magnified
      I write this to you, dear Reader, curled in bed, living day three of a cold. My throat burns, my bones ache, and my nose vacillates between being completely blocked and slowly leaking hot air. To top it all off, I've got a 2 lb baby inside me, squirming and kicking from my ribs down to my bladder. It is easy to feel sorry for myself.

     Being pregnant, I can't do my usual remedies.

Good-bye, Oregano Oil ! So long, Echinacea!

Instead, I've been doing the following:
1) multiple himalayan salt water gargles each day
2) neti pot 4-5 x per day with homemade saline (I still finish this with a squirt of colloidal silver to each nostril--hoping baby doesn't come out a Smurf ).

3) tea with Manuka Honey/Constant Fluids
4) freshly squeezed grapefruit juice--which to be honest, sent me hugging the porcelain this morning
5) no sugar! eating healing whole foods.
6) parking my butt in bed all day.

AND Most Importantly -->
I am picturing myself healed. 
Focusing and deeply imagining how it would feel to be already healed
Cold FREE. 
Smiling and breathing easily.

Practicing this powerful technique can 
Please watch this video in which Gregg Braden describes the science behind this process and see a video clip in which bladder cancer disappears from a woman's body, without any drugs, without any knives... Are you a believer? Is this a miracle? Or, is it a technology that we are fully equipped to perform? 

You are this powerful, too, you know.

"What we choose to experience in our lives, 
we must first feel in our hearts, as if it has already happened."

Thanks, Gregg Braden!!

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