The Greatest Gift

     Do you make enough time in your life for the ones that you love? Do you let them know how you really feel about them in a way that they can understand?

     We are so busy; eating and texting while driving, adding endless errands to our to-do lists, ignoring the beauty of nature around us...can we set a little time aside each day to love? It is so healthy and so important.

The greatest gift you can give a loved one this holiday season is not an ipad, a sparkly piece of jewelry,  nor is it even a massage gift certificate...
it is your TRUE PRESENCE.

Take a couple minutes, breathe in and out peacefully several times, approach them and with a smile, look into their eyes, say, 

"My dear, I am here for you." 

If you say this with your mind and your body united, you will witness a transformation.

--Thich Nhat Hahn

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