Your Feet Are Talking (The Egyptians Swore By It)

Reflexology is an ancient healing modality the helps bring the systems of the body back into balance. By applying consistent, specific pressure to different points on the feet, deep relaxation shifts the body from the sympathetic (fight or flight) state to the gentle parasympathetic state. The parasympathetic state is THE ONLY state in which healing and rejuvenation can occur.

In my own practice, I use Reflexology as a tool to become more familiar with what is going on in my clients' bodies.
Studies have shown that Reflexology increases circulation to corresponding areas. An increase in blood flow means a removal of waste, along with delivery of fresh food and oxygen for your cells.
People living with conditions such as hormonal imbalances, irritable bowel syndrome, sinus infection/allergies, hip pain, headaches, and mastitis, have all found relief through this powerful modality.

I obtained my certification in Hand and Foot Reflexology in 2005 from Karen Ball's rigorous program in Gainesville, FL. I have been honing my craft every day since and continue to have new insights about the human body through this work. It's just one more reason that I love what I do.

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